Lifestyle – 5 Simple things that made me happy in life lately

life motivational quotes to be happy on simple things


Here are 5 simple things that made me happy in life right now.

I was searching through for some life motivational quotes on Pinterest the other day, when I get inspired by this one “Be happy in the simplest of things”.

Let’s admit it, every day we are face with so many things happening in our lives. That we’d get so caught up in the moment, and sometimes we forget to appreciate the smallest of things.

Well, human instinct tells us to look for other bigger things that will make us happy. After all, it is easier to see the bigger ones really more than the smaller things. Right?

That’s why I decided to write this post and look for the simplest of things that made me happy lately.

Lifestyle – 5 Simple things that made me happy in life lately

• I subscribed to a monthly beauty box Lookfantastic and oh, happy days!

• I’ve learnt an affordable and nifty beauty tool “Shadow Switch” that works similar magic with less fuss to nothing at all!

• Had a taste of the newest “Adobo Burger” launched at Hawksmoor, Spitafields, London. A British chef went to the Philippines and came back with a new idea with a spin on the classic burger that even foreigners loved it!

• Uploaded some 80’s songs in my ishuffle because I find it kind of music is therapeutic for me. Old songs bring back old happy days.

• Bingeing on Netflix lately watching old episodes of “Pretty Little Liars”, “Gossip Girl”, “Orange Is The New Black” and “American Horror Story”. Think is one of the greatest thing you can get today for £5.99 a month!

Most of all, I thank God I am alive and that I am grateful for all the blessings I receive everyday either small or big ones.

What is your favorite motivational life quote right now?

What are the simplest things that made you happy?

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