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Sharing with you a post life update last April 2017. Featuring new on Instagram, our mini short break, my first time and a film you will surely love!

I know it’s been said many times, many ways… But where does the time go, really? It seemed like on the first day of April we all slept the night in. Woke up and it’s the morning of May 2017 already!

Having said that, I still would like to share with you that I had a really good month last April 2017. There were a few special things and memorable happenings last month that make it to my list.

Life Update Last April 2017 That Was!

Short Mini Break

My husband and I went to Eastbourne during the Easter break. We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights. To be honest, there is nothing much to see in the place because it is a small city. But because we both love the coast, Eastbourne is another place to be if you are in the U.K.

Life update last April 2017 Eastbourne Coast

Easter Sunday was a beautiful day. We spent a lot of time at the Western Lawns. It is an uphill cliff overlooking the beautiful Eastbourne coast. We did a great deal of walking and just admiring the view. It was tiring but the pain is totally worth it.

It was just a short mini break, but it ended up with a sweet memory. We definitely came home re-charged and ready for work.

Entertained and had a good laugh!

Guardians of The Galaxy is one of my all time favorite Marvel films. If you have enjoyed the first one, the second is definitely a must see! My hubby and I watched it in 3D on its first opening night, and boy was I disappointed? NEVER! All the cast suits perfectly to its character and they are all good together. I Am Groot is very good on this one. It is his best performance ever. Have you seen the film? If not, go on and watch it. You will end up loving I Am Groot more! Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is definitely worth your time and money!

Life Update Last April 2017 That Was!


My husband and I went on a date to a very nice Italian restaurant in Wimbledon called “La Nona”. The atmosphere is very welcoming, and the fixtures inside the restaurant is eccentric. The food was very good. The crew are all friendly, entertaining and mindful of us. We both loved the place and we are definitely going to go back again.

It was also our first time to eat Cannoli. Do you remember the film The Godfather 3? God, I love this movie! Basically, Connie, sister of Michael Collorne, presents Altobello a box of cannoli as a birthday gift, before the performance of Michael’s son, Anthony at Teopera house. The Cannoli has a poison in it that killed Altobello after eating most of it while watching the play. Do you remember it now?

Life update last April 2017 Cannoli

Back to Cannoli. We weren’t going to have anymore pudding as we were both stuffed to the brim! Only, the lovely waiter offered us to try the famous Sicilian dessert – Cannoli. The pudding is in a folded thick wafer with a chocolate coating inside. The inside filling is made up of coconut, cream and fruit candy. Dusted with icing powder on top. Honestly it is simply delicious. Not overly sweet and just right for my liking. Although, it is very filling. If you haven’t tasted it yet, make sure you try it next time you go to an authentic Italian restaurant. It is sure worth a try.

Life Update Last April 2017 That Was!

Instagram – Seventeen UK

How would you feel when one of your favorite drugstore makeup brand liked and retweeted your picture on Instagram? Overjoyed, right? I feel appreciated and loved every time a brand liked and retweeted any of my Instagram pictures.

If you want to see which picture I am talking about, head on to my Instagram account @camilleshern

If we aren’t Insta-friends yet, then why not click follow? I promise, I follow back too!

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