Lifestyle – 3 Ways To Lighten Up Your Life On Days When You Are Feeling Like S***

Lighten Up Your Life On Days When You Are Feeling Like Shit


Have you ever feel like you need to lighten up your life lately? What did you do to get back up? Here’s 3 things I did that regain my happiness and better myself.

I said to my husband one day that I was feeling s***. It could be pre-hormonal or post-hormonal.(Hopefully, not menopausal!)

Maybe I am just silly bored. I don’t know!

I noticed that whenever I am feeling s***, these are the things I usually do:

1. Sulk in my own created world called “misery” – alone!

2. My hibernation mode is turned on.

3. I am negative about everything. I find wrong in everything! Even I find 1 + 1 = 2 is wrong.

4. I started comparing myself to others. I scrutinize my life and blame myself and the people around me for everything that is happening wrong.

5. I feel that I do not have the freedom to live and the world is doing this to me.

Lifestyle – 3 Ways To Lighten Up Your Life On Days When You Are Feeling Like S***

But the thing is, I am aware of my actions even though I am being miserable. Some people may be in denial about things like this, but I am not. So that is good, right?

There are days when I look like I carry the weight of the world with me. I am very lucky to have a husband and families who are always supportive and patient. Eventhough one of them perhaps wanted to tell me off or just give up on me.

While I am aware of my current state of mind, I am also acknowledging the fact that there are things I need to do to get back up in life and lighten up.

Here’s 3 Ways To Lighten Up Your Life On Days When You Are Feeling Like S***

1. Devote time for yourself and cherish it.

I always have a “ME” time when I want to do all beauty pampering. But I am devoting another time for myself which I called “alone” time for when I want to be alone. And if I want to feel miserable, then be. I am allowing it. I will not deprive myself to having this time as I need to feel it. And I need to understand why I am feeling that way, and realised what I need to do to lighten up my life and become happy.

2. Talk to people even if you don’t feel like talking.

It’s moments like this when you know you needed someone. Talking is the key. If there is someone around you who wants to talk to you, then engage with them. Keeping everything to yourself does not help. When I started talking, the gravity of the bad feelings that I am feeling somehow decreases and then vanish. Talking to people makes me feel good.

3. Detach from being attached to the social media world.

Social media is our way to connect to people we know and to other people in the world. It gives us inspirations. But sometimes it can get overwhelming. Having a social media detox help me realise that the real world is beautiful together with my families and friends. Doing social media detox teaches me to eliminate myself to comparing to others and be thankful for all my blessing.

Lifestyle – 3 Ways To Lighten Up Your Life On Days When You Are Feeling Like S***

There are still so many things that we can do aside from these 3 steps whenever we are feeling down or simply s***.

Acknowledging whatever it is that you are feeling is the first step. Second is to forgive ourselves for being miserable. Don’t make yourself stay behind in this world. We need to remind ourselves that it’s okay to be alone and be feeling s*** because every one does.

Try not to dwell on it for too long as nothing good comes out of it if we always keep ourselves down.

We can’t always rely on people to pull us up all the time. We need to pull up ourselves first and acknowldege that things like this is normal.

Lifestyle – 3 Ways To Lighten Up Your Life On Days When You Are Feeling Like S***

Yes, we all go through different phase in life. And we all have different ways on dealing it. The choice is ours on how we will make a change in our living.

If you think there is no one there for you that you can talk to, there are many helplines, communities and government agencies out there that we can contact for help. The list is endless.

Sometimes we worry about things that are not happening yet in our lives. Try to let it go, lighten up and enjoy the life we have.

“There are going to be good times and bad times, but lighten up.” – Chris Pine

What do you do to lighten up your life on days when you are feeling s***?

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