Beauty Review – Live Love Makeup Obsession London Lipstick

Live Love Makeup Obsession London Lipstick Review


Here’s today’s review of the Live Love Makeup Obsession London Lipstick. Find out if this is worth a try and worth your money too!

Beauty Review – Live Love Makeup Obsession London Lipstick

I found a “good” lipstick for the price of £2.00! Yes, you read it right, it is NOT a typo error, it really is just £2.00 each!
My husband and I went to BHS Store last weekend to do some home shopping when I saw this cosmetic rack called the Live Love Makeup Obsession London.

To be honest, I’ve never heard about it but perhaps some of you may already know it and also owned some of its beauty products. They have a couple of cosmetics and beauty products available. But my eyes got drawn more on these two lovely lipstick color shades:

Lipstick One – Intense Beyond
It is a dark plum burgundy color that transfer as red undertone.

Lipstick Two – Intense Pink Occasion
It is a bright pink color that has a subtle hue of red and blue.

First Impression:
•For its value price, I thought it was a no-no game!
•The packaging looked inexpensive. Like it is what it is.
•No one else was scanning on the beauty rack but me, so I thought, definitely it was a no-no game!

•It is very moisturizing on the lips.
•It’s got that creamy, velvety feel when you apply it on lips.
•It has a tiny hint of sweet scent.
•Stay-on formulation is average.
•Color pigmentation is great!
•I hope they release more variety of beauty products to choose from.
•I hope they branch out to other drugstore and not just exclusive to BHS Store.

Have you tried any of the Live Love London makeup obsession lipstick too? What can you say about it?

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