Beauty Review – Lord and Berry Magic Brow Pencil

Lord and Berry Magic Brow Pencil Review


I must say that brow pencil for me is a little less desirable than any other brow products. They break easily and harsh to apply on brows. But not this one:

Finding the right eye brow makeup, the right shade, and perfecting a technique that will work best for me, is a quest I yet master up to now. Doing my eyebrows is one of my favourite makeup routine. Aside from putting on mascara, dotting blush on the cheeks and painting colours on my lips. For me, if my brows are looking good, then I am more or less ready to go.

I always get excited every time I found a new eyebrow makeup to try. And see if I will become a brow pencil convert for the first time. I recently got a sample of the Lord and Berry Magic Brow Pencil in a beauty box and here is my quick review.

What makes Lord and Berry Magic Brow Pencil better than the rest?

As it claims: “PERFECT BROW, also known as Magic Brow. It is a smart, highly pigmented and two-color brow pencil. To enhance and define the natural of your brows. Draw with the marble tip, then blends with the integrated applicator and shape for well-groomed, professional looking results.” (Source: Lord & Berry)

I am more of a powder brow user and always have been. I find it a lot easier to use, have more control of the product I put on, and find it creates a more natural looking brow more than a liquid, gel, or pencil would.

Beauty – Lord and Berry Magic Brow Pencil Review

Lord and Berry Magic Brow Pencil Swatch

I was already impressed on my first try of this brow pencil. It was easy to use and super pigmented even if I stroke it on my brows very softly. Some pencils I’ve used before has either a stiff tip which is harder to brush through hair. Or has a very soft end that breaks easily while I lined my brows.

I can also do a fuller looking brows with this pencil and it still look natural. I think the idea of having a two toned tip is great as it create a softer and more natural shade on the brows.

The regular size of the Lord and Berry Magic Brow Pencil is a double ended pencil. You get a brush on the other end which makes it one handy tool for the brows. I like it a lot! And it is easy to master a technique on how best to work it on my brows even on the first try.

From then on I became a pencil convert! I have been using this brow magic every day. For added measure, I also put on a clear brow gel to set my brows. And it make my brows look prettier and even more defined.

Which eye brow pencil is your favourite?

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