Lifestyle – Creating Your Workspace Using Minimalist Office Decor Ideas

Minimalist Office Decor Ideas and Tips on How To


Here are some minimalist office decor ideas for you. Find the best home and office decor ideas for your minimalist style.

Fans of the minimalistic interior design are in luck since this style is, by far, the easiest one to incorporate in any room – especially office. Working environments usually have a simple and modest layout to begin with. Which makes it perfect for a productive and effective minimalist décor.

Color scheme

Most offices are already painted in a monochromatic style which is ideal for minimalist lovers. In case the walls are painted in a brighter, more vibrant shade. The whole interior can be toned down with a few elegant pieces here and there in neutral colors such as white, black, gray or metallic.

What’s more, self-adhesive wallpapers with monochromatic geometrical patterns can solve the problem of colored walls almost effortlessly. While providing a certain level of uniqueness and texture to the interior.

Wall decor

Black, white, or black and white are the colors that would look great in a minimalist office. Those who dislike hanging frames can opt for simple yet stylish wall stickers. That usually come in black or white. While those who still prefer the interesting nature of pictures can easily get some cheap plain frames. And fill them with printed black and white images. There are a lot of pictures to choose from online. With a vast choice of the design – from black and white modern art to black and white vintage details.

Lifestyle – Minimalist Office Decor Ideas

Lively plant

In order to break the sterile nature of minimalistic office environment, getting a plant is a great way to introduce balance into the work place. Of course, the plant pot should match the color and simplicity of other pieces of décor. It would be best to choose a low-maintenance plant that doesn’t bloom, so that the luscious green of the leaves is the only color that stands out in the monochromatic scheme.

Storage solutions

Working in a messy office is not something that minimalistic lovers would enjoy. What’s more, messy and untidy environment is counterproductive. Therefore, adding plain and simple shelves or drawers is a perfect way to store all the necessary materials, and keep everything organized.

There are also some interesting DIY solutions for hiding the cables which you can try, yourself. For example, tucking away all the cables into cardboard toilet paper or paper towels roll that you previously sprayed with white, black or metallic paint is the simplest way to hide the messy cables from sight.

Interesting minimalistic touch

Just because you enjoy the simplicity and efficiency of minimalistic style doesn’t have to mean that your work place is less interesting. With the help of designer and unique office supplies you can easily achieve the look you want. There are various options for paper holders, pens, notes and pen holders that, even though monochromatic, have an interesting and peculiar shape, texture and design. For example, single color metal carved pen holder can show off your individuality, while still keeping the minimalistic feel.

Lifestyle – Minimalist Office Decor Ideas

Let there be light

Led lights are a perfect addition to minimalist office décor. There are many options to choose from – from single small lights to LED light strips. And you can attach them wherever you want. Not only is the LED light better for the eyes in a working environment, but it also reduces the energy consumption.

Your office is the place where you spend the biggest portion of the day. Therefore it is only logical to make it compatible with your own taste. If you lack some inspiration on how to ideally arrange your minimalistic office layout, there are many interior design blogs and magazines online that can help you with décor and reorganization.

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