Beauty – Most Favorite Steps In My Makeup Routine

Most Favorite Steps In My Makeup Routine Beauty review


Sharing with you my most favorite steps in my makeup routine as well as least favorite. Featuring mascara brands like Rimmel, Maybelline and Revlon.

I love doing at-home beauty pampering and then playing with my makeups whenever I get myself some “me” time on weekends. I lock myself in the bedroom, sit down on my dresser, and start doodling my face with makeup. After that, I will take several selfies and send it to my husband John because he find great ineterest whenever he sees me all dolled up. Sounds like a great time, right? What else do you do on your “me” time?

There are a couple of makeup steps that I really enjoy doing, as well as some least favorite makeup steps that I still do because I just think I have to I must admit. But at the moment, I am so into this step and I think this is my most favorite thing to do to date!

Beauty – Most Favorite Steps In My Makeup Routine

My most favorite is applying on mascara.

I wasn’t born a goddess with full on eye lashes like many of the beautiful ladies out there. I’m sure most Asian ladies will gather together and sing choral praises with me too. Thus, I need a bit of help with the wonders of mascaras! I used to be a fan of the Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara.

I was impressed with this mascara as it gives my lashes the length and thickness I need. It used to be my only go-to mascara for a long time and I cannot fault it. But just like other beauty people, temptation wasn’t easy to resist and one can never have just one mascara, right?

So there I was seeing myself at the counter of Boots paying for the Maybelline The Falsies Volum Express Mascara.

Girl, this is not a false hyped mascara that everyone is talking about. It is the best! Volume – check! Thickness – check! Length-check! The only small thing I can say is that its brush applicator is a little wider that most of the times, it touches my eye lids and underneath bottom lashes. Don’t get me wrong, I am still a fan of the falsies and I cannot fault it.

One time when I was at Boots, a very nice, sweet, and pretty lady approached me and told me all about the new mascara product release of Revlon. Okay! A few wink, wink here, and a few test, test there, then the lady stole my heart! So I got the Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara and it has changed my mind big time! (Read my full review here).

Beauty – Most Favorite Steps In My Makeup Routine

“Least favorite” is quite a harsh admission. Hence, I will rephrase and say instead,

Makeup steps I want to be good in doing it: 

1. I would like to experiment more in mix matching eye shadow colors.

2. My wing eye liner skill is not on fleek. I need to sweat a lot more to get in to the swing of doing it effortlessly.

3. I would like to perfect a trick that will work on my eye brows shaping and shading routine easily.

4. I avoid doing makeup contouring because I am afraid to do it. Nevertheless, I will still give it a try.

5. Concealing dark under eye. Yep! This girl got to cover some imperfections.

What is your most favorite steps in your makeup routine ?


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