Beauty Review – MUA Makeup Academy One Pound Lipsticks

MUA Makeup Academy One Pound Lipsticks Review


Here’s today’s review of MUA Makeup Academy One Pound Lipsticks. Find out if this is worth to try, and which shade you would like wear every day?

Can a £1.00 drugstore lipstick heal the world and change it to a better place for you and for me? Well, I don’t think so! But I thought, yeah! that would be a brilliant idea.

I used to have eyeshadow palette and some blushers from the brand MUA Makeup Academy cosmetics. And I am pleased with it because of its quality for a budget price is good. They are a bit of a stealer, aren’t they?

I was experimenting with makeup products before when I first got here in London and I tried out several makeup brands, to see which affordable makeup product works for me and what doesn’t. And this one works okay with me. Actually, I sent some MUA makeups to the Philippines and my mother was quite happy about it, too! Recently, I bought their Paint Box Lip Palette- Rose Rouge shade and I love it! Click this LINK to read my review and swatches of the different shades and I hope you give it some loving stars too!

Beauty Review – MUA Makeup Academy One Pound Lipsticks

This time, I wanted to dive in to the Makeup Academy pond again and see what I will get. MUA Makeup Academy has some affordable lipsticks to offer for all makeup lovers. Surprised to see the price is a knock-out £1.00 each!

Okay then! Let’s see the beauty in these lipsticks!

This lipstick has claimed:
“MUA Lipsticks offer a shade for every occasion in easy to wear colours. In shades from red, pink and nudes each is packed with pigmentation for a gorgeous application. Easy to apply – glide over the lips for desired effect.”

What’s good about this is that you wouldn’t be left out without an option as it comes in 18 different shades to choose from. I’ve picked four of its shade that I think are wearable for everyday wear.

Beauty Review – MUA Makeup Academy One Pound Lipsticks

Tulip– is a nude pink lip color finish.

13 – a shade of red and light burgundy finish.

14 Bare – is a nude lipstick with rose pink color undertone.

15 Juicy– is a combination shade of coral and pink finish.

Packaging is okay. £1 what can you expect? It has a color indicator at the bottom of the bullet which is handy. It’s got a teeny-weeny bit of sweet scent but not overwhelming. Feels very lightweight wear on the lips. Pigmentation of one coat is enough and buildable depending on your preference. It is in a creamy, slippery and very smooth consistency thus it transfer, budge, moves and doesn’t stay-on longer.

You can get it at Superdrug, Boots and online.

If you aren’t really bothered about the price of a lipstick, try this one too. For students or those who are a newbie to putting on makeup, this one is worth to try.

I like the shades Tulip and 15. Which lipstick shade is your favorite?

MUA Makeup Academy One Pound Lipsticks lip swatch

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