Skincare – Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil-Free Has Cleared My Acne

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil-Free Has Cleared My Acne


Using Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil-Free has cleared my acne. I never knew you can buy skin confidence back in the drugstore when I bought these.

As I remember, I am never a one crying wolf when it comes to my acne experience. Although, I also experienced a fair share of blood, sweat and tears dealing with acne. Until recently.

I never thought I could buy a ‘confidence face’ back in the drugstore! My face seemed to prod up a gold mine of acne, brooding inside my skin. They are massive and boiling like hot lava ready to explode (eew gross!) on my chin and cheeks.

My face felt sore and bumpy in all the right spots. To make matters worst, I am diagnosed with a severe “finger-itch” syndrome so when I see the white head show up, I pricked them. Yes! I am that prick girl who prick her face like pricking crazy! Zit happens eh!?

Dealing with acne can make you and break your heart. Especially when you are like me, who is always out and in the people business. I always feel down and negative about myself, and my confidence has fallen down like Olympus Has Fallen.

Skincare – Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil-Free Has Cleared My Acne

Then I discovered The Neutrogena Visibly Clear oil-free products:

1. Spot Clearing Facial Wash
2. Pore and Shine Daily Wash
3. Pink Grapefruit Oil Free Moisturiser

These are totally water based beauty products which is super great for those who have oily and sensitive skin. It has salicylic acid, which cure and tame down acne build up and prevents scarring and scabbing.

These two gel facial washes are like Hoover, they suck out excess oil and shines on my face like a mad cow! I fell the amazing effect on my face the first time I used them. Skin feels super clean and my pores look like it is now breathing clean oxygen!

Skincare – Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil-Free Has Cleared My Acne

After several uses, the previous dark spots and scarring are gone too, and the texture of my skin feels refined on the surface. Only, don’t get over excited in using these gels as too much amount can leave your skin feeling dry and tight like Sahara desert.

I only use one small pump of each facial wash every day in the morning and night. Then I apply on the oil-free moisturiser after and it works like magic!

I still get occasional hormonal acne or when I eat too many take-aways or slopping on chocolates, but that’s all. No more acne drama for me ever since I started using these bad boys! You can check other Neutrogena Visibly Clear oil-free products here.

It feels good to able to walk naked again! I mean my face is acne free! I highly recommend you try Neutrogena Visibly Clear oil-free products for those who has acne and excessive oily skin problems.

Have you tried any Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil-Free products before? Which one is your favorite?

Every skin type is different. What feels right for the goose may not always be right for the gander. I am ecstatic and contented with the after result on my skin that’s why I decided to share this post with everyone.

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