Beauty Review – NYX Lush Lashes Badunkadunk Mascara

NYX Lush Lashes Badunkadunk Mascara Beauty Review


Here’s today’s review of NYX Lush Lashes Badunkadunk Mascara. Find out if this drugstore mascara is worth to try, and worth your money too!

I do not have a lot of NYX makeup in my collection. That’s why in my recent drugstore haul, I took the liberty to check out the NYX beauty stand at Boots near me.

Since I am looking for a new drugstore mascara, I decided to get it from NYX. I am looking for a black mascara that is waterproof, long-lasting and affordable. I also want it to be volumizing and lengthening my lashes.

To begin with, I have no idea which NYX mascara to get. There are so many to choose from! That’s why I play by ear, grabbed one, and tossed it in my shopping basket and leave. Only when I got home I get to read that I got the NYX Lush Lashes Badunkadunk Mascara. Badunkadunk, eh? What does it means?

Beauty Review – NYX Lush Lashes Badunkadunk Mascara

What it claimed:
Lush lashes volume and length mascara.


The jumbo plastic brush applicator is a little too big size to brush through the roots of my lashes. The brush touches my eye lid every time I brush it through my lashes. Getting to my inner corner lashes is also an issue.

It is not waterproof which is my fault for not reading the label before getting it. It does the job as a mascara. But in my experience, it is lacking in the the volume and lengthening effect I personally prefered. This may suit those who have a natural full on lashes who wants alittle bit of helping only compared to mine.

On a lighter note, if you wonder what Badunkadunk means (as I do), according to Wiktionary this word means: a voluptous buttocks, especially of a woman.

Have you tried NYX Lush Lashes Badunkadunk Mascara?

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