Lifestyle – Our One Day Secret Escape In Brighton

Our One Day Secret Escape In Brighton


Last two Sundays ago, my husband and I went to Brighton for a one day escapade. Travelling time takes us about one hour from our place. It was a happy day! We were like kids. Both were so thrilled to be going away even just for a day.

First stop is the usual place to be of my husband The Fortune Of War pub. He had a pint of ale and I had a pint of shandy. The shandy was so refreshing and a good call for a beaming sunny Sunday in Brighton.

We just sat on the bench in front of the pub, chatting about reminiscing the past and our future together. It was a lovely time just chilling there while we were baking under the sun and seagulls looming over our heads waiting to land on their prey! Cheeky birds!

Then we head on and walk along near the beach. Just looking out on the horizon and admiring the scene was just very special. We both felt like we got lost in limbo. It was indeed a beautiful afternoon. If you love the sun and sea, Brighton is one of the place in the UK you need to visit.

Lifestyle – Our One Day Secret Escape In Brighton

After soaking in the sun and many selfie takes, we both agreed its time to feed our hunger. When you are in Brighton you have to have fish and chips. So off we went to Palm Court restaurant. We both ordered the big fish meal with the same drinks we had earlier. I particularly liked mashed peas on top of the fish… Yummy in my tummy!

We are both stuffed to the bones! We head out and started strolling around the pier again. There was a big cinema in the park which they will show “Clueless” later. We could have stayed and watched but we decided to do it next time as we wanted to go to Brighton Marina. We took the Volks Railway that goes straight to the place. As soon as we got there, the famous ice cream van was there to welcome us. Of course I didn’t resist to get an ice cream cone with a chocolate flake on it!

It was quite a long walk from the train stop to the Marina. But I have enjoyed every minute of  it together with my husband. I love travelling with my John. We can both be silly and childish together.

We got to the Marina and boy! It was truly beautiful out there! Lovely place!

Lifestyle – Our One Day Secret Escape In Brighton

We took in our hearts every minute we were there and have enjoyed it very much. My feet was tired from all the walks so my husband suggested to stop by at the pub. He went inside to get his ale while I sat outside admiring and bewildered by the beauty of the place.

As much as we wanted to stay longer at the Marina, we had to head back home. London was calling! We are definitely going to have another day out adventure and we will see Brighton again soon.

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