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Post-workout beauty routine regime


My post-workout beauty routine featuring the brands from Mio Skincare, Philip Kingsley, Tea Tree & Witch Hazel, Zoella’s and Route One Pumpkins.

I love Zumba. No, wait! I am obsessed with Zumba! When I was a teenager, I used to lock-up myself in the bedroom. Shut the windows, play loud music and dance for hours until I can’t dance anymore. That’s why when my friend Jenny said she knows a place to go for Zumba, I joined the class right away.

Besides running, dancing is my kind of a good exercise more than going to the gym. What about you? Do you prefer dancing exercise or going to the gym?

My Post-Workout Beauty Routine That Surprisingly Effective

So after I killed myself to Zumba, I like doing a special beauty pamper routine when I get home. First off by washing myself by soaking my body in the bath or by taking a quick shower. Bath is a luxury treat I give myself every now and then.

I first tried the Mio Liquid Yoga Restorative Bath Soak. It aims to soothe tired, stressed, and aching muscles, which is perfect for me. Its scent is a combination of powdery, minty and bubblegum scent. The fragrance lingers in the room through the steam of the hot water bath is invigorating to my senses. Having a good bath or shower after workout, help me have a good night sleep and wake up energize and ready for the day.

While waiting for my bath to be ready, I apply a conditioning lotion to my hair to bring back luster to it. I thought I do it as well while in the bath before I wash off grease and sweat on my hair. Sometimes I apply this one before bedtime. Other times I love applying on the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer. I massage it to the roots of my hair and then bundle it up with a towel or shower cap to let it work like hot oil. To be honest, it works like magic!

My Post-Workout Beauty Routine That Surprisingly Effective

Of course, pamper night isn’t a pamper night for me without brushing on a clay mask on my face. Like the Tea Tree and Witch Hazel with active Charcoal Facial Mask. I love it because t aims to deep cleanse the pores and balance the oil produced on the skin.

Then without further ado, I dive into the bath tub for some relaxing time. Sometimes I like reading a book or listen to my iPod. But most of the time I like laying quiet on the tub and enjoying every minute of it.

After washing, I like putting on a moisturising lotion on my body as bathing tend to dry up my skin. I like massaging a big dollop of Route One Pumpkins Half Moon Bay Lavender and Cedar wood Cream all over my body. Lavender and Cedar wood scent combined is gorgeous. I apply a generous amount of this on my heels, toes, hands, knees, and elbows where I get most dry. It makes my skin soft and silky feel the next day.

Sometimes I spray a little cologne on me and sometimes I don’t. At the moment I am happy to give myself a spray of the Zoella Let’s Spritz Fragrance Body Mist. I very seldom put on a smelly before going to bed but I couldn’t resist smelling this one. Its scent reminds me of something good that happened in my past life. It smells fresh, clean and sweet. Although it does not linger on for a long time thus it is not an issue for when it’s time for me to go to bed.

My Post-Workout Beauty Routine That Surprisingly Effective

After that, my husband John would make me a cup of hot chocolate to warm up myself. We would cozy together on the sofa watching films before retiring to bed.

Have you tried Zumba?

What is your post-workout beauty routine?

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