Beauty – 3 Beautiful Red Lipstick Shades for Valentines Day You Need To Try Right Now

Red Lipstick Shades for Valentines Day Picks To Try


Searching for that perfect red lipstick shades for Valentines Day is trending at the moment. Red lipsticks never go out of style be it for Christmas, New Years, Birthdays or any party occasions. It is such an iconic shade that almost all beauty lovers have one in their purse.

The happy hearts day celebration is not only for people who are in relationships or are married. If you are single or are looking for love, you can celebrate it with your friends and families too. Or just go out by yourself if you want to spend the day alone, put on your favorite red lipsticks, and enjoy the day!

My husband and I are planning to go to a Japanese buffet restaurant in Camden Town for our Valentines date. What about you? What’s your plan this Valentines Day?

Top 3 Picks Beautiful Red Lipstick Shades for Valentines Day

You will find here one that is matte, another that is semi-matte and one that is a glossy lipstick. There’s definitely one for every lipstick preference.


The Matte Red Lipstick
Mellow Cosmetics – Madness


Luckily, I got this new beautiful red lipstick inside this beauty box. The formulation is buttery thus it glides on smooth on the lips even though it’s a matte formulation. It has a full coverage and very good pigmentation. It is like a crimson kind of red shade that is not too bright nor too dark. Madness shade doesn’t look flat on the lips, nor it will end up making your lips looking dry like prunes.

The Semi-Matte Lipstick
Maybelline Colorsensational – Pleasure Me Red


Talking about being lucky the second time, I got this one Free before and I am very happy! Pleasure Me Red is a true deep red lipstick shade which is bold and more dramatic, sultry look on the lips. It is semi-matte in formulation. Like the first one, the pigmentation and coverage are superb! It has a buttery formulation as well, thus it runs on the lips with ease. There is a tiny hint of sweet scent but never intoxicating.

The Glossy Lipstick
NYX Intense Butter Gloss – Apple Crisp


This is definitely worth a look if you fancy wearing glossy red lipstick on Valentines Day! Apple Crisp is a bright red like cranberry shade with glossy formulation. The gloss effect is very sleek, retro, sexy and luscious looking on the lips. It has the world’s softest doe foot applicator I’ve ever tried. I find it’s very subtle sweet vanilla scent a perfect complement too.

Which one is your go-to red lipstick shade and brand?

Red Lipstick Shades for Valentines Day Hand swatch

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