Beauty – Salon Nail Care Boots Nail Biting Solution

Nail Biting Solution From Boots


Have you ever wondered if there is a nail biting solution that will help you stop biting your nails forever? I do!

Nail biting is considered an impulse control disorder and classified under obsessive-compulsive and other related disorder according to Wikipedia.

Do you suffer from this problem? I have a friend who’s been doing this for a long time now. She has been biting her nails for a long time and couldn’t even recall when it all started.

She tried to use a nail cure paint 8 years ago to stop the habit. Bought the solution online and had forgotten what it was called. The nail paint cure was a success back then and she had grown her nails back to normal.

Until one night in bandcamp (lol!) it all began again. There were several times that she had overdone it. To the point that the skin around her fingers and the inside flesh of the nails were bleeding already. Ouchy!

Beauty – Salon Nail Care Boots Nail Biting Solution

She wanted to put a stop again so she went to Boots and found this solution. It is the Salon Nail Care, Nail Biting Solution. It claimed it helps stop your nail biting habit.

This is priced at £4.20 (8ml). She said it worked and she was very happy about it. I decided to get one and do a test so I can also share it with anyone who has the same habit and may need some help.

Instructions for use:
After washing hands, apply to the nail and around the cuticle area. Reapplication is advised every other day.

On the first day, I forgot that I had it on my nails. But when I unknowingly touched my lips I shrieked with the taste it left on my lips. It tastes vile. Incredibly bitter! Even though it says that reapplication is every other day, the taste still stays on, even after washing. Thus, you will not have the urge to bite your nails again.

So if you know someone who has the same habit, try recommending this solution to them. It does work! It leaves a matte finish on nails after application, perfect also for male who may have an issue with polished nails.

What is your best tip you can give someone who bites their nails?

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