Beauty Review – Unexpected Seventeen Cosmetics Beauty Buys

seventeen cosmetics beauty buys review


Here are some Seventeen cosmetics beauty buys from my recent Boots visit. Find out if these are worth to try, and worth your money too!

Last weekend, I went to Boots, High Street Kensington with my husband and I asked him to randomly pick some beauty products for me. I get to choose which brand and he gets to pick the item of which he think will suit me.
Originally, I’ve asked him to drop by at Boots and pick up some makeup without any coercion from me. He gave me a blank face and I know already what that means – panic! So with a little bit of help, I showed him to the Seventeen beauty stand. I wanted to try some of its beauty products and add to my collection. So here are a few of unexpected Seventeen beauty buys he got for me.

Beauty Review – Unexpected Seventeen Cosmetics Beauty Buys

1.Seventeen Miracle Matte FoundationSoft Ivory (£5.99)


This product has claimed:
Reveal the miracle of flawless skin. Up to 16 hours shine control with a soft matte satin finish. The dreamlike easy glide formula blurs blemishes, giving a full, medium coverage.

Other shades available:
Soft Ivory, Honey, Porcelain

My Impression:
On the first application, it was a bit of a lighter shade for me. But eventually, it sets in the color of my skin tone. It is a cream, powder base foundation. Coverage is medium. Stay-on matte formulation says 16 hours but I am not sure about that. I tried it on last Sunday and wore it for the best of 3-4 hours and I can see that my face has a bit of shine already. In my own experience, I could say that this doesn’t really stay as matte.

But what I love about this, as well as my husband had noticed it on me, is that it creates a pretty radiance glow. It is not the best matte foundation, but the glowing effect is good. It stayed on smooth on my skin. If my husband finds it pretty on me, then I will give it some loving stars too!

Beauty Review – Unexpected Seventeen Cosmetics Beauty Buys

2.Seventeen Cheek and Lip Stain Gel Tint – Coral Crush (£4.99)


This product has claimed:
Long lasting gel texture stain for cheeks and lips.

Other shades available:
Perky Pink

My impression:
I thought the sponge applicator on top is cute and the unique trick of this cheek and lip stain. The staining formulation come as a very light, rosy pink blush color on cheeks. The gel formulation is so easy to apply and blend. Dab it onto cheeks using its sponge applicator or pat it with finger and it’s done!

At first it looked like a wet stain for a while and then it dries up as matte. It has a subtle glow effect when it hits the light. On lips, it colored as a light, barely there red-ish color stain. It has an exciting tangy taste and zero scent. The color pay-off is good. Honestly, I quite like it for everyday use.

Beauty Review – Unexpected Seventeen Cosmetics Beauty Buys

3.Seventeen Lip Lustre – Stop and Stare (£3.99)


This product has claimed:
Fabulous long lasting glossy colour for lips.

Other shades available:
It has 10 wearable lip gloss shades to choose from.

My Impression:
The color is old rose shade. It is very gittery that gives that shine effect on the lips. Lightweight gloss on lips. It feels a little sticky though, thus the gloss transfer. Having said it is sticky, I have regarded the color pay-off of this lip gloss because it is surprisingly good!

I asked my husband why did he pick these shades for me and he said: (in his own words)

“Because your skin doesn’t need a strong color. You have a natural color on your skin, so I thought subtle colors will suit your skin tone”.

Ahh… Isn’t he lovely?

Have you got some Seventeen cosmetic collection? Share us your favourite Seventeen beauty buys!

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