Beauty Review – Soap and Glory Soaper Star. Is it really worth your money?

soap and glory soaper star beauty review


Here’s my review of the Soap and Glory Soaper Star which includes The Scrub of your life, Clean on me, Righteous Butter, Hand Food and Heel Genius. Is it really worth your money?

It was like time travelling back to the eighties when I was eight years old whilst unwrapping this gift box with the one and only Soap and Glory Soaper Star inside. (Thanks to my husband!)

I cannot fathom my love on this original pink scent in all five products inside its super girly and a cutie pink box. All of the five Soaper Stars guaranteed to have a super moisture rich formulation perfect for a good beauty pampering regimen! It absorbed quickly in your skin leaving it hydrated and smelling like a star throughout the day.

I feel instantly pampered after using all the Soap and Glory Soaper Star. You don’t need to spray on your favourite perfume as these products will do it for you too!

This is how I apply each Soap and Glory Soaper Star products from beginning to end.

Soap and Glory Soaper Star. Is it really worth your money?

“The Scrub Of Your Life” is in a clear gel with small pink granules that acts as the scrubber. It is not harsh on skin at all and doesn’t leave skin red and sore. I definitely had the scrub of my life with this one and I never felt this way before! Amazing!

“Clean On Me” is a creamy shower gel which glides easily on skin and easy to rinse too. I used the very soft “Suds-Boosting Body Polisher” while I lather the gel all over my body. It leaves a light, fresh and crisp squeaky clean scent which is invigorating.

“Righteous Butter” is a body cream with oh so lovely smell! Apply on lightly damp skin and it quickly seeps in the skin without feeling heavy and greasy at all. I love its thick cream consistency. My skin feels softer and smoother. Try it! I swear you won’t regret it!

“Hand Food” keeps your busy hands moisturised in a split-second! It comes in a pocket-size tube which makes it handy to bring with you anywhere. It is in light cream consistency for easy go-to skin hydration.

“Heel Genius” – I massage this on every night on my feet and then put on the softest pair of fluffy pink socks after. Honestly, you will feel the difference right away the next day.

Shower time is always good and smells so good with the Soap and Glory Soaper Star. I super loved these products and definitely worth re-purchasing and recommending to all of you.

Which one is your favourite Soap and Glory Soaper Star product?

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