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Here are 5 things I strongly believe about in life. Tell us what you strongly believe in life about, and why?

Some people I know say I wear my heart on my sleeve most of the time. In all honesty, I am not really a strong, opinionated person.

For me, arguing or debating with people for the sake of wanting to win it, leads nowhere. It only creates war and chaotic life, not only to ourselves, but among the people in our lives.

In my belief, what we believe in ourselves does not have to affect other people nor harm them. Of course, we have the right to talk about or say to others what we think about something. There is nothing wrong with that approach. Believing something in life gives us a direction and purpose in life.

Here are 5 Things I Strongly Believe About in Life:

1. God

I believe in praying and seeking guidance from God. I believe that there is a life after death. Believing in God gives me comfort and peace within myself.

2. Marriage

I strongly believe in matrimony. Two people who love each other and who want to live together should enter matrimony. I believe that marriage is a blessing.

3. Equality

No matter what race we are, no matter what position in life we have, I believe that we are all created equal. And all of us should be treated equally.

4. Fashion Trend

I believe that people do not need to follow all the fashion trends all the time. Most of the time, we meet brand-minded people, or those who follow every single fashion trend. But that’s fine. It is their own preference. What I believe is, “that if it looks good on you and you feel good about it, then it is good!”

5. Privacy

Almost everybody is on social media now. Sometimes we come to read people’s messages online or see private stuff about their life. I don’t have anything against it. What people share with the universe is their choice. But personally, I believe that there are things we can let the world know and things we should keep to ourselves. If I tell the world everything about me, then there won’t be anything left to me that I can call my own.

What are the things you strongly believe about in life?

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