Lifestyle – 5 Beautiful Braid Hairstyle Look To Try This Summer

braid hairstyle look to try this summer


Here are 5 braid hairstyle look to try this summer. These are all easy, trendy and very stylish ways to update your hairstyles game.

If only I would wake up a little earlier than usual, I would have my hair braid all this summer! Bummer! I have a penchant for good hairstyles, and I love browsing on Pinterest some ideas that I would like to try for myself. Used to save everything I find to my camera roll especially pretty braid hairstyles to try out one day. I even make my own name for each braid styles!

Unfortunately that one day never happened. Laziness is my middle name. So I always have my hair down which is easy, no fuss (more of no style really!) everyday.I just brush my hair or even twerk a little brush through with my fingers and I was done.

Lifestyle – 5 Beautiful Braid Hairstyle Look To Try This Summer

Do you love braid hairstyles? If you do, maybe you can get some inspirations here too!

1. I call this braid hairstyle: “The Twin Popsicle“. When I was younger, I see mostly little girls wearing this hairstyle more than grown ups but when I get to see one, I get this song singing in my head: Na na na na na… She’s got the look!

2. “The Mermaid” is what I call this one. This is such a dainty and sexy looking hairstyle to do. Perfect for summer, festivals and wedding hair dos! I also see others pinning flowers  or crystals on the inside. Lovely!

3. I call this one “The Boho Chic” braid hairstyle. The braids on the side, messy bun and hair down is super chic! I always think do they wash their hair too or not? how can they pull this off this so pretty!

4. “The Short Braidsy” look is a super elegant style if you have short hair. This will show the full beauty of your face and still looking sexy, girly and trendy! Who says you can’t style your short hair with braids? Try this one and be chic!

5. “The Japanese Half Bun” is what I call this braid hairstyle. I.AM.DIGGING.THIS! Honestly, this is very hot right now! I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, really, really, really wanna zigazig ha this one!

When I don’t have my hair down, I have it soft curled. And I have some affordable hair makeup product recommendations for you. Find out here.

What is your hairstyle inspiration this summer?

Which one of these braid hairstyle look are you going to wear this summer?

braid hairstyle look for summer

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