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Read Guest Blogger Peter Minkoff tips for a Summer Vacation Beauty and Style Guide. Here are things you need to do and prepare before your summer vacation.

So, you’ve finally booked your dream summer destination vacation and you’ve already mentally started packing! Hey, we’re not judging, it’s the same here!

Truth is, with this crazy climate changes, it already feels like summer, so why not get down to planning it all properly, and in time. If you are one of those girls who are careful about their fashion and their beauty treatments (especially during dry summers), we’ve got a few tips to help you out and probably make your life a bit easier!

Here’s what we find essential when it comes to packing up for your dream vacation:

Lifestyle – Summer Vacation Beauty and Style Guide

Classic style is everything

Yes, we know – trends are constant and they’re everywhere. Still, that doesn’t mean you should blindly follow every single pattern and cut that gets featured in the popular magazines around. When you are going to a vacation, you want to stick to your already exercised style. Keep things toned down. Summer is already hot enough without you making it even hotter (ok, you are allowed to, but just a little bit!) so keep your clothing choices light, chic, stylish and classic.

If you are going to Europe (ah, Santorini!) adapt your clothing choices to Europe vibes. Classic cuts and simple colors are the European style. So opting for a white low-cut jumpsuit and a classic pump for a dinner out will absolutely do the trick. Throw in a turban or hairband in the mix. Make a selfie and you’re done!

Lifestyle – Summer Vacation Beauty and Style Guide

Keep things light

Maxi flowy dresses, easy jumpsuits, loud colors like corals, yellows, blues, greens, whites and pinks (in all shades) are colors of summer and there’s no dispute about that. While Miranda (Devil Wears Pride) would probably role her eyes to the afore written statement (just as she did in “Floras for spring? Groundbreaking”).

We have to be realistic and accept the fact that nobody likes wearing dark with the sun shining and skies bathing in wonderful shades of light blue! Plus, light colors and materials get you in a better mood. So despite what you might have been reading on various style changes for the summer – stick to what you know!

When packing, pack your favorite dresses and combos. Pack things you know you’ll be actually wearing. Don’t overpack and bring stuff you won’t be wearing. Also, include chic accessories to upgrade the look. Like light pashminas instead of jackets, turbans, hairbands, necklaces, bracelets and rings (throw in a few toe rings, as well).

Lifestyle – Summer Vacation Beauty and Style Guide

Wow in a swimsuit

What would an amazing summer be without a swimsuit that takes everyone’s breathe away! Your swimsuit is as much of a statement piece as is any part of your clothing. So make sure you buy a swimwear piece you look stunning in. Never buy a size too small or size too big. Go for your own size. Choose a cut that flatters your body shape. Opt for a color or print that’s unusual and unexpected enough to raise eyebrows.

Stay natural

As for makeup, sun kissed vibes are everything! Don’t even think about contouring, powders, concealers and other mumbo jumbo you use during winter. Summer is the time to let your skin breathe and get properly tanned. So let your inner bling shine all throughout your vacation time (and after)!

The makeup you only need is a bronzer, mascara and lipstick. (lip glosses are preferred as they are not as heavy, and they’ll give your face a wonderful glow).

Obviously, you must not forget to use sunscreen (prior, during and after your vacation) to keep your skin protected from the harmful UV rays and keep it hydrated.

Lifestyle – Summer Vacation Beauty and Style Guide

Speaking of hydration – it may be a good idea to bring your hydrating lotion so you can spray it when you aren’t close to the sea to take a dip. That way you’ll prevent your skin from drying and keep it glowy and fresh.

So, when are you leaving, doll? And where to? Do send us some pics!

What are your secrets to summer vacation beauty and style guide?

Guest Blogger profile:

Peter Minkoff is a lifestyle writer at Shlur magazine from UK, living in London and occasionally in Brisbane, Australia! Beside writing he worked as a menswear fashion stylist for many fashion events around UK & AUS!

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