Life Update – A Sunday Life Post At Home With My Love

Sunday life post update


Sharing with you a typical Sunday life post update. Here’s what a normal Sunday happenings in our home and what we love doing together when it is Sunday.

How did you spend your Sunday? Mine was a beautiful day!

The weather in the U.K is slowly getting colder with rays of sunshine and odd humid air here and there. I woke up early to get ready for the Sunday mass. I woke up my husband and lovingly asked him if he could make us a nice good coffee. My husband makes a perfect coffee!

After that we got ready and head straight to the church. It was a lovely way to start our Sunday. After that, we made a little detour and had our morning walk in the high street. We went to Boots first and bought ourselves some necessities.

The sun was striking hot on our skin so we decided to get cold drinks and relaxed our feet. We went to our place – Costa! I got a Strawberries and Cream Creamy Cooler and John had a Mango and Passion Fruit Cooler. Oh my! It was super tasty and refreshing!

Life Update – A Sunday Life Post At Home With My Love

After that we went to Robert Dyas for some window shopping. We both love shopping for home appliances. That’s what marriage life did to us. We’ve been eyeing on getting a slow cooker for a long time now so we have decided to finally get it.
We bought a Morphy Richards slow cooker which we think is a perfect size for us two and even if we have families come over for a get together meal.

We didn’t wait too long and put our new baby into show. So we went to Asda and bought ingredients for Beef Casserole. It was a super-duper easy Sunday dinner to have.

Life Update – A Sunday Life Post At Home With My Love

Super Easy Slow Cook Beef Casserole Recipe


• 500gms lean diced beef
• A packet of Schwartz Beef Casserole Seasoning
• Mix vegetable casserole

How to cook:

• In hot skillet pan, pour 2 tbps of Virgin Olive oil. Put the diced beef and stir. Let it simmer for 3 minutes and then drain excess water in the sink and put the beef inside the slow cooker dish.

• Next put vegetables in the casserole dish.

• Get 400ml cold water and pour out the seasoning and stir until the powder is dissolved. Then pour all inside the casserole dish

• Cover the slow cooker and turn the switch to High mode. We cooked the dish for 5 hours. But you can have it cooked longer for 6-8 hours.

Then voila! Sunday dinner is served!

We also bought a tiger baguette to pair with the beef casserole. It was all worth the long wait as dinner was super delicious!

After we ate and cleaned up the kitchen, we just sat and chilled on the sofa and watched “The Departed” film while devouring a Victoria Sponge Cake with Lemon tea on the side.

I thanked God for Sundays and most especially when you get to spend it with people you love.

How do you usually spent your Sundays with your love?

Sunday life post - How To cook simple beef casserole

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