Lifestyle – Ten Things About Me You Didn’t Know Yet

Ten Things About Me You Didn't Know Yet


I decided to write Ten Things About Me You Didn’t Know Yet so you get to know me more since we all haven’t met each other in person. So here it is:

Lifestyle – Ten Things About Me You Didn’t Know Yet

1. I am quiet and shy. I don’t know maybe because of the language barrier. (Great start isn’t it? Lol!) I grew up in the Philippines so English is not our daily language. I have this fear in mind that people are laughing within themselves every time I say something in a foreign language. There are actually people who made fun everytime I said something, especially new words and maybe they think I can’t say it correctly. I have a deep low tone of voice that sometimes people do not clearly hear what I said. I’m not attracted to loud and screaming people. Believe I can be in my best form when I am in a “Downton Abbey” place. Oooh i love their accent! It’s like a lullaby to my ears.

2. I crack my finger bones. Yep! I know it’s bad but I cannot help it. I got it from my brother when I was younger. And I thought, hey that was cool! But no it is Not cool. He got over it but I did not. I tried many things to stop me from doing it like using some hand lotions, took some pills from Holland and Barrett that is good for bones and even wore gloves at night so I will stop myself from doing it, but no! It didn’t work. Maybe you know something and you can help me get rid of this bad habit? I want to get out of it soon! (Perhaps cutting my fingers would do? Lol. NO!)

Lifestyle – Ten Things About Me You Didn’t Know Yet

3. I love staring at people’s faces. This is true. For most people they will find it rude or annoying. But honestly, there are so many things beautiful in human faces and I loved it. It’s a magical work of art. I try not to stare at faces because I don’t like to be misconstrude for being rude. Seriously though, I love it! It’s my guilty pleasure.

4. I am a sucker for horoscopes. Give me a tabloid and that will be the first page I will read (Second is Metro‘s Nemi page. Lol!) By the way, I am a Scorpion and was born in the year of the horse.(Not that you may find it interesting). There are times that I feel adamant about reading what the day or the future reads because it somehow affects me. Do you also love reading horoscope?

5. I suffered from psoriasis when I was little. I’m an everyday visitor in the Dermatologist Clinic before. Noticed that if I had too much dairy I get itchy all over my body. Although, I couldn’t stop eating dairy food because… who would? I love milk, cheeses, yoghurts and chocolates. Mmm yum! You see, how can I resist them?

6. I love reading. I have random books of favourites. But I love most reading are psychological, thriller, and romantic comedies.

Lifestyle – Ten Things About Me You Didn’t Know Yet

7. I graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management in the Philippines. Yes, I love baking and NO, baking doesn’t like me. Yes, I love cooking but NO, cooking doesn’t like me. So Tit for Tat eh?

8. I love playing Crosswords, Scrabble and Candy Crush. I’ve got the apps on my phone and I can just stay in one corner and play it. I have not been playing lately since I started writing blogs which I LOVE doing even more now!

9. I love travelling. When I met my husband I started coming out more of the shell I was stuck into. We were travelling to many places and I hope to travel further. I have my high hopes. One day we will travel the world.

Lifestyle – Ten Things About Me You Didn’t Know Yet

10. One day I decided to write a blog out of no reason at all. I wanted to have a hobby that I would be interested with for a very long time. So I find inspirations with so many things around me and try to figure out which is one thing I have much passion about. That’s when I started writing about beauty, makeups and the likes. Would like to learn so many things about beautification. I am NOT an expert. But a full grown newbie.

I like to do pampering. And to experiment on makeups and brushes and then I will take so many selfie pictures and send it to my then boyfriend who is now my husband. He would joke me saying that I love myself too much. Seriously though, he appreciates and considers my photos. My younger self would be very happy to note that I am taking that first step to enter the world of beauty.

Lifestyle – Ten Things About Me You Didn’t Know Yet

I’ve always wanted to put on makeup and try various tricks that I was afraid to do before. My husband was my initiator. He encouraged me to do the things I really want to do as long as that will make me happy. He lets me do it on myself and I get so happy every time I show it to him.

I love seeing him smile. So in return, I would wash, scrub, moisturise then put on a mask on his face and serve him tea! Lol! I did do it! I decided to write beauty blogs because I want to know so many things and the great part of it is, I get to share it with people who have the same passions like you ladies out there.

Reading all of your posts keeps me happy. So thank you for sharing it with me and thank you for reading and liking my posts.

So there’s my ten things you didn’t know about me (seems like it’s more than ten eh?). I can write and write so much more but I will not bore you to death! Hope you find this interesting.

I’m tagging and encouraging everyone who hasn’t written one yet, I hope you tag me too. Promise to read them all and somehow get to know each one of you a lot more.

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