Lifestyle – 10 Things You Look Forward To In Summer

Things You Look Forward To In Summer - 10 Things


What are the things you look forward to in summer? Here are 10 things I am most excited about to doing and having this summer.

The weather in the UK is becoming hot and humid. I said to my husband last week that my armpit is sweating and I am not even doing anything. (TMI) Summer is definitely here now!

I am not really a summer person because I always catch a bad hay fever. But it doesn’t mean I do not love summer anymore. In fact, there are a few things that excites me most to doing and having as soon as summer comes!

Lifestyle – 10 Things You Look Forward To In Summer

1. Any cold drinks are to die for! Eating ice cream every day doesn’t seem fattening at all! Especially when the weather is super hot and the air is humid.

2. Finally get to wear lighter clothes and summer dresses. No more heavy coats and jackets. No more jumpers and woolen fabrics. A big weight lift off of our body for pete’s sake!

3. Sweat for my sweets! I know sweating is gross. But whenever I sweat, I feel that I am burning so much calorie and fat from eating too many ice creams. Sweating is also good for our skin. It releases the grit and grime that hold bacteria in our skin, which as we all know, leads to acne.

4. Summertime makes people happy! It sure makes me happy! Summer can generate endorphins in our body. Endorphins helps bring about feelings of euphoria and general well-being.

Lifestyle – 10 Things You Look Forward To In Summer

5. Eating salads and fruits for breakfast, lunch and dinner taste a lot better in summer.

6. Summer means vacation time. I enjoy travelling in the countryside and see the beauty of nature in broad daylight.

7. Family bonding means time for barbeque in the garden.

8. Summer means less makeup coverage. Applying on light makeup or no makeup at all, and peachy and pink tones are beautiful!

9. Watching movie in the park with your loved ones or friends is fun time!

10. I get to enjoy more watching the beautiful sunset while I am on the beach when it is summer.

What are the things you look forward to in summer?

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