Lifestyle – Tips On Planning A Summer Wedding Theme

Tips On Planning A Summer Wedding Theme


Get inspiration with Blogger Angela’s tips on planning a summer wedding theme that will make your very special day unforgettable for you and your guests.

Ah, is there anything more beautiful than saying your “I dos” in the open! The au naturel décor, the blue skies, and ocean’s waves murmuring in the back while the romantic breeze caresses your skin… At least, that’s how things are in theory. The reality is a tad different. Read on for a set of sweet, useful tips that will help you plan your summer wedding.

Lifestyle – Tips On Planning A Summer Wedding Theme

Lay out your (realistic) options

When deciding on a theme for your big day, the important thing is to stay realistic. Be realistic about what you want and what you can actually expect. Assuming you won’t want the whole “winter is coming” GOT drama in the middle of August with a gazillion degrees outside. We’ll just go through some of the realistic, possible-to-pull-off wedding themes that have proven amazing in the past.

A backyard

Tips On Planning A Summer Wedding Theme to wear

Deciding to go with a backyard for a venue, whether it’s your own, your loved one’s or someone else’s. You may save up to 50 percent of your budget while at the same time adding a sentimental value to the ceremony.

However, to make sure your backyard theme sticks, there are a few things you’ll have to think about. Like: installing a dance floor and potentially renting a tent, renting portable restrooms, cooking equipment (or hiring a catering service), paying for pest-inspection and securing parking.

A winery

We love the idea of a “wine theme” for a wedding! Why? It’s romantic, it’s charming, it’s whimsical and – there’s plenty of vino to enjoy! Wineries usually have beautiful spaces (think sun-splashed patios or delightful courtyards) that will not only make your guests feel amazing but help your wedding photography and videography look splendid! Great news is that finding a winery has never been easier as they’ve been recently popping up like mushrooms!

The downside (sort of)? No full bar. Vino is all you get.

Lifestyle – Tips On Planning A Summer Wedding Theme

A beach

With the sound of gently lapping waves in the back and the sun on your face, you’ll feel like in a different dimension. Your beach wedding will be even more beautiful if you and your sweetie have memories tied to the beach place. Like: it is where you’ve first met on a vacation, or you had your first kiss at the beach, and or you both share love for the seaside, etc.

Tips On Planning A Summer Wedding Theme to look for

Still, to make sure your beach wedding goes perfectly fine, you’ll have to find ways to handle the sea breeze. Like taking precautions to keep candles lit, securing your overall décor and making sure your face doesn’t melt away (this is why you must use light, easy makeup that’ll give you a fresh feel). Expect get a bill for pretty much everything. From catering to tables, chairs and tents, your beach wedding will cost ya. Oh, the view’s for free, though.

Tips On Planning A Summer Wedding Theme makeup

Divide and conquer

Now that we’ve laid out the three best settings/wedding themes, we’ll go into the essentials of successful wedding planning in the summer.

Lifestyle – Tips On Planning A Summer Wedding Theme

Go with a seasonal menu

Although your first instinct may be to impress the guests with some rich, heavy foods, think of it like this: the richer (read: heavier) food they eat, the closer they’ll get to a heart-attack (and ruin your day). Have a seasonal menu that’ll be refreshing and tasty. Rich salads (virtually any kind you like or even several), watermelon, tomatoes, barbeque, ice-cream cake, lemon sorbet, ice-cold vodka, prosecco (well cooled), ice pops, snow cones, etc. – these foods are a real crowd-pleaser!

Tips On Planning A Summer Wedding Theme food

Analogue and videotape the whole thing

To add some whimsy and charm to your wedding, instead of hiring a digital photographer, ask your talented analogue photography friend to capture all the most beautiful moments of the wedding. This will add incredible value to the photos and the entire experience.

If you are getting married, you’ll definitely want everything videotaped! Great news is that wedding videography in Sydney has become so popular that it feels like everyone’s doing it, which greatly improves the quality of video (read: competition).

What are your top tips on planning a summer wedding theme?

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