Lifestyle – Top Tips For Shopping Like A PRO

Top Tips For Shopping Like A PRO


Guest Blogger Lanie is sharing with us her Top Tips For Shopping Like A PRO. Find out how you can be succesful in your next shopping trip with ease.

I find that with shopping trips, you either nail them or fail them. Luckily, recently, I went on a huge shopping spree where I got some amazing things that I truly did need. And it was all down to my preparation and game plan.

I know you are probably laughing right now about how serious I am making this out to be. But walking out of that mall knowing you totally ‘owned’ that shopping trip is a pretty awesome feeling.

So without further ado, here are my top tips for shopping like a PRO!

Lifestyle – Top Tips For Shopping Like A PRO

1. Before shopping, cull your wardrobe

Getting rid of unwanted/ill-fitting clothing is a pretty long, hard and boring task. But speaking from recent experience, it is totally worth it. It is actually surprising how free you feel once you gotten rid of clothes that you know will never wear. I agree with keeping certain items that have sentimental value (as I am one of the most sentimental people you will meet!).

I’ve kept a skirt from when I was seven. It was absolutely gorgeous and my mum got it for me from a fairy shop! I plan to keep it for if I have a daughter one day! So in situations such as these, store them tidily away and keep that stash very small. Keep only the truly sentimental garments you have.

A really good idea is to sell some of your high quality items on websites. For me in New Zealand these include websites such as Or if it’s more of a designer item then I can list it on Have a little research session for websites similar to these. These type of websites are awesome because it means the money you make from selling clothes can be put toward your updated wardrobe!

Lifestyle – Top Tips For Shopping Like A PRO

2. Make a list

This would have to be my number one tip because it just helps me so incredibly much. If you have a list of everything you want to buy, then you can go in there and actually enjoy your shopping trip. By this, you will have some good order when you shop. (I enjoy having some solid order anyways!). If I go into the mall knowing what I want then I feel like the entire trip just becomes so calm and relaxed. It will make you feel so productive on the day, too!

Of course it is absolutely fine if you find something not on your list that you would like to pick up. In fact that is perfect! It is fun to do a bit of browsing and testing before you pay for the goods.

Lifestyle – Top Tips For Shopping Like A PRO

3. Get ready

It is vital to turn up to the mall calm and ready. Because if you go there in a rush and all frazzled then it will just be a disaster from the start! So having a nice shower, and doing your make up nicely really helps to get you in the shopping mode. Choosing a nice outfit that you can easily take on and off when trying items on (you will be doing a lot of this!) is super important also.

Remember that you want to be comfortable as well. I always head out the door in my favourite white and blue converse as they are super stylish and comfortable. Perfect for a shopping trip! Finally, make sure you have everything with you in your handbag.

Think keys, wallet, money, phone (with your list on it!) and a bottle of water. Shopping is a thirsty work sometimes, and you don’t want to have to spend $5.00 or £2.00 on a bottle of water halfway through your trip!

So those are my top tips for how to nail a shopping trip! I hope you enjoyed reading this and feel a little bit more ready for your upcoming shopping trip. I know these tips definitely helped me when I do my shopping. These three simple tips have helped me to feel calm and like I could totally take on anything. And I hope it does the same for you!

What are your top tips for shopping like a PRO?

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