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ways to detox your body and get ready for spring tips


Guest Blogger Angela Berry provides tips on ways to detox your body ready for spring. Find out more on how to achieved this in 6 easy ways. 

Winter is long gone but our bodies might still be carrying all those toxins that have accumulated during the cold weather. So, now would be the perfect moment to detoxify your body. Skin, hair or nail problems are clear signs that it’s time for a full body detox which will not only replenish your energy but will also get rid of bad concentration, drowsiness, and fatigue.

Here Are 6 Ways To Detox Your Body

1. Start with water

Drinking more water is probably the easiest and the most efficient way of keeping yourself hydrated and clean of toxins. As the weather gets warmer, you’ll be sweating more so it’s important to keep hydrated because water will help you flush out the toxins. If you take plenty of water regularly, you’ll get softer skin and your organs will function better. It’s also recommended to take a tall glass of water with some lemon in the morning because this combination keeps you hydrated and helps your digestion system.

2. Time to change your diet

We all consume heavier food during the winter so now is the time to make a change in your diet. By kicking out all those unhealthy snacks and sweets, processed, frozen, canned, and deep-fried food, you’ll speed up your metabolism and improve your health. Why not try switching to organic food? It will help keep all those pesticides and preservatives out. If you think you can handle it, you might even want to try fasting for a day or two to really clean out your body. While you’re not consuming unhealthy food for these two days, get plenty of natural juices from fruits and veggies.

Ready for Spring: 6 Ways to Detox Your Body

3. Take care of your skin

After all those cold and dark days during the winter, your skin needs some extra care. It’s time to refresh it so try to find a good face cream, but don’t neglect the rest of your body. Check out some lotions and don’t forget to exfoliate. It’s important to find cosmetic products that are suitable for you. Consider trying Inlight organic skincare as their line has nourishing and moisturising products that will rejuvenate any skin type.

4. Your health in a cup

Aside from getting plenty of water, you might want to try consuming some detox drinks. Herbal tea is not only hydrating but it’s also full of antioxidants. Try mixing fresh or powdered ginger with mint, chamomile or nettle. And don’t use tea bags, instead infuse dried leaves with hot water and drink your tea warm. Not only will it detoxify your body, but it will relax you, too. And try replacing your coffee with green tea; it’s rich with antioxidants and it will give you the caffeine boost you need.

6 Easy and Simple Ways To Detox Your Body And Get Ready For Spring

5. Load up on fruits and veggies

As fresh fruit and vegetables are your body’s best friend, you should incorporate them in your diet as much as possible. Get your blender out and make yummy, detoxifying fresh smoothies. Combine whatever fruit you want with green vegetables like kale or spinach to get a nice dose of vitamins that will keep you sated and light at the same time. Eat plenty of vegetables rich in fiber (like broccoli) to help your digestive system. Another thing you might want to try is garlic. A lot of people make a big mistake by not consuming it because of the smell, but garlic is a natural and pretty strong antibiotic which will boost your immune system.

6. Relax, take it easy

Don’t forget that your body needs some time to rest and regenerate so aside from getting plenty of sleep during the night, find some time during the day to just meditate and relax. Your body wears down after a while. Try doing some yoga or simple deep breathing exercises in order to get enough rest and help your immune system.

There you go – follow these basic tips for a good body detox. By getting rid of all the toxins, you’ll improve your health and you’ll feel better because we all want to feel well, especially now when the weather is so beautiful.

What about you? What your ways to detox your body this spring?

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