Lifestyle – No Shaming! What Is In My Bag?

what is in my bag


Find out what is in my bag in this post. There is no shaming now as I am shamelessly showing you what I carry with me in my bag every day.

Most of us likes to have a snoop of someone else’s bag contents. And I for one is guilty as charged without a doubt! I previously posted a “What is in my friend’s makeup bag” and the feedback was a blast! Surely someone else’s treasure is our treasure too.

This time, I am inviting you to have a peek of what is inside my bag and I hope you find things that will give you an idea on what to carry in your everyday bag.

To start off, I have a Longchamp Le Pliage medium shoulder bag. This brand has never failed me. As in never! They are built to last!  Stylish and very comfortable to carry around everyday. I have other colors of this bag and this year, I eyed on their Myrtille one. I adore this bag!

Lifestyle – No Shaming! What Is In My Bag?

1. Diary Notebook
When I was a little girl, keeping a notebook in my bag was already my thing. And every day I would say, I will write anything that happened that day in my diary before I go to bed. I was good on the first page. First time, I wrote a full length page of my day story. Amazing! The next day and the next, next day.. it was only the date of the day that I have managed to write down.

I guess writing everyday happenings wore down on me after one full page. So… it was great stuff! Funny thing is even up to now, I still keep a diary in my bag and I got this one at Paperchase. Don’t we all love a good ‘ol Paperchase?

I chose a small sized notebook with a lock on the side. Ain’t it cute? I love its little heart shaped lock and this guards to anyone who would like a peep of my writings because quite frankly, I didn’t want anyone to discover that I only writes the date of the day in every pages AGAIN (best kept secret revealed!) *wink

2. Mobile Phone
I’ve just recently upgraded my phone from iphone 5s to 6 and now to 6+ as I love editing pictures, writing drafts and reading blogs on a big screen on the go. This is why I don’t write anything on my diary anymore (yeah right!). My phone is my best fried for life! What would I do without it!

4. Kingston 32gb USB Stick
This is my brain at work. It carries all of the work shenanigans I do.

Lifestyle – No Shaming! What Is In My Bag?

5. Keys
Office and Home keys. Don’t want myself lock out.

6. Rosary and Prayer Book
I always keep these two in my bag as my safe charms. What’s yours?

7. Oyster and Card Wallet
I got this Cath Kidston wallet 2 Christmases ago and I think she needed to rest for life now. I used to carry a purse with me but nowadays, who carries cash? I’m an atm card kinda lady. I’ve also insert on its inside pockets my oyster card, credit card, calling card, Superdrug and Boots card (definitely a must!), McDonalds coffee stub card (do they still accept this?) This card wallet makes it easy for me to bring all my essentials in one go. I can’t live without it!

8. Eye Glasses
This is my saving grace because without it, I am a half blind wandering soul on land.

9. Foldable Pink Shopping Bag
If you live in the UK, you know they charge now for every shopping bags we get at the counter. Not that it is expensive (4p), but I prefer to keep this with me when I leave the shop in the most graceful and fashionable way. Plus it is pink! Who doesn’t love pink?

10. Other things I carry in my bag are:
Sweets – Currently obssessing with Eclairs and Fruitella. Sipping some goodies on commute keeps me by while travelling.

Lifestyle – No Shaming! What Is In My Bag?

Tissue – I don’t know how else to explain why I bring tissues. I just do.

Coloured Pens and Loose Coins – I love coloured pens! It makes writing “day dates” on my diary more exciting and artful! I have some loose coins splattering all over my bag for emergencies. (not that I have a car and I need to pay for parking)

Earphone – as I like watching YouTube videos or listening to music discreetly when I do proof reading or accounting at work.

10. Makeup Bag
I am showing an empty makeup bag here because I am currently writing my next post “What is in my makeup bag”. So keep your eyes peeled!

If you want to read my previous post “What is in my friend’s makeup bag” read it here.

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